Goldistic strive to enter the national and internation scene for electronic music. Their music has great internation potential, and it is clear how they fit into the categories of internation music.

Throughout 2020 they have published four singles, all of which were in English, and they have much more coming up. Their vision for the future is to reach the foreign musical scenes and hitlists like Spotify.

Early in 2020 they accomplished having singles in the radiostations and other platforms, such as Twitch.



Martin and Marc both have great deal of experience in the music industry. Marc has attended a musical boarding school, was a front figure in the band, Low Pressure, and has produced music for many year simultaneously. Martin has greated and produced music for many year under the alias, Martin Lake. Besides his orignial tracks, he has produced quite a few remiex of other artists tracks aswell.

Marc is from Aarhus originally, but moved to Randers in 2008, where he met Martin. They started producing music in Martin's apartment in the center of Randers.

They decided to boost their producing career. They signed up for a DJ and Producer Camp in Ibiza. The experiences that they had in Ibiza led towards a career within music. They dropped their first single as the duo, Lake & Palmer, “Tell Me”. It was signed by Ninja Music and before long it had reached 100.000 plays.

Lake & Palmer were a Tropical duo with lots of summerly energy and happy tunes, and they published Tropical House music exclusively. A sudden shift in genres would be pointless to their established audience. A change of their artist name had been subject to discussion for a while.

Under a new name they would feel comfortable producing both Tropical House, Deephouse and even Pop Music. They discussed and considered a bunch of different new names, but they both fancied one particular name. And so, Goldistic was born.

Goldistic are a Tropical- and Deep House inspired duo. They have been playing alot of Danish clubs and festivals scenes since the beginning of 2014.

They have shared the stage with people like Alexander Brown, Hedegaard, Bro, ADHD, 8Ball, U$O, Guldpige, and many more.




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